Wednesday, June 16, 2010


This bargain bin category of wine can be very frustrating as you may have  already experienced, some wines in this price range are just not suitable for drinking or even for cooking.  It is my desire to bring you a simple easy reference guide that will save you both time and money when you buy inexpensive wines.

Each wine tasted has been rated using a simple scoring system .  Fives stars-Excellent!  Four stars- Good!  Three Stars- Acceptable! a two Stars- Just OK! and One star- Disappointing!

Please keep in mind the availability of some wines are going to be limited or even sold out.  I recommend buying in quantity if possible, you wont' regret in the long run when they are sold out or prices go up.

Also keep in mind some of the wine in this price range are not consistent from bottle to bottle.  Meaning one bottle may be great and the next on you open of the same brand and vintage is not as good.

Your local market may not have the same stores mentioned so check the Internet to find the  nearest on to you.  I  will strive to bring you more avenues for great wine buys in the future, I welcome feed back on wines you enjoy and where you purchase them.



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